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Stainless steel will not rust in the end?
DATE:2016-6-22 HITS:339
Stainless steel will not rust in the end? Users will question this confusion, is not rusty high quality stainless steel is not it?
When the stainless steel tube surface appear brown spots, people would exclaim, "This is definitely fake, stainless steel will not rust," In fact, this is a very one-sided argument, it is also a manifestation of inadequate human understanding. Steel stainless, alloy elements in the mechanism is the ability of the surface of a dense oxide film is formed to prevent the penetration of atomic oxygen into the even, whereby a "rust" in. When the protective film is damaged, if not in time, there will be rusting:
 1. Use the environment there are a lot of chloride, in the presence of chloride ions in the stainless steel environment, corrosion quickly.
 2. with organic solution under oxidation, can form organic acids, acidic surface for a long time cause corrosion damage.
 3. humid air, with the formation of metal element "battery effect" occurs ionization reaction.
 Therefore, the name of "will not rust," the slogan, mostly as a means to trick users to buy it, please be sure a lot of attention.