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Stainless steel pipe in industrial applications
DATE:2016-6-22 HITS:354

Industry, whether a country is a measure of an advanced standard, as the British industrial revolution, from manual labor to complete the production of the rapid development of power machine.

Stainless steel is a common pipe, occupy a certain proportion of the industry and chemical industry, focusing on the following to introduce stainless steel pipe in a variety of industrial applications.

Oil collection with stainless steel tube: oil development of great significance to the national economy, the country's economic system, an important part. With the development of the oil industry, pipeline requirements have become more stringent, high strength, high resistance to corrosion is a high standard, and now highly resistant super ferritic stainless steel tubing and other Cr13 use in the acquisition.

Electric boiler with stainless steel tube: according to development needs, to produce large amounts of high-heat-resistant stainless steel pipe, mainly used for heat and power plant maintenance, for higher pressure and temperature requirements, most rely on imports.

Industrial stainless steel water pipe: Stainless steel is the best material for water transportation, storage, etc., has the characteristics of anti-stress health, even in the face of bad weather, you can still keep the pipeline does not crack.