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How to identify the authenticity of stainless steel pipe?
DATE:2016-6-22 HITS:415

For how to identify stainless steel tube, I believe many people will say that the use of magnets, you can verify its authenticity, but the stainless steel tube manufacturers today to tell you that this is do not fly.

Yes, this is a stupid way, people often think stainless steel is "not rusty steel", this is a misunderstanding. First, its "stainless" is only relative to it not so easy, but under certain conditions still vary, mainly to see the other elements in the steel. So just to verify the magnet is not sufficient, we recommend several small series of stainless steel pipe authenticity identification method:

1. Use a dedicated assay was used to identify when the stainless steel 304, 304 corresponding to the measured liquid using test if it is true there will be a corresponding test results. This is a special tip of the test method for different grades of steel can be distinguished.

2. Use copper sulfate solution, drip solution on the article, if you do not belong to genuine change, otherwise inferior.

These are today to introduce two methods of identification of the authenticity of stainless steel, the testing process also both scientific and accurate, you can quickly make a judgment.