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2520 stainless steel pipe to prevent rust to ensure the smooth surface of
DATE:2016-6-22 HITS:407
Frequently used in daily life 2520 stainless steel pipe, some people say this is not stainless steel, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, in fact, 2520 will rust stainless steel pipe, how to prevent water vapor corrosion?
 Pure water vapor is unable to make stainless steel pipe corrosion 2520 (304 and above), if only in the steam mixed with acid corrosion. To prevent acid corrosion can be applied directly to its anti-rust paint.
 Generally Rusty steel pipes are 201 series stainless steel tube, you better use the 304 series stainless steel, so it will not rust, but looking through the costs necessary.
 Water vapor is not hundred percent pure water, 304 will rust, just a bit longer, stainless steel sanitary pipe will rust, a matter of time, may be toxic paint, no way can only tolerate
 Our daily lives are domestic water through the following process:
 Now most of the water disinfection using chlorination, the main purpose of public water supply is chlorinated to prevent water-borne diseases, this method has been extended to 100 years of history, has a better production techniques and equipment, chlorine for water disinfection disinfection good effect, low cost, little advantage of hazardous substances. But we passed on the information to understand the theory, research, chlorine for water disinfection think there are still some drawbacks. Tap water after chlorination can produce carcinogens, currently relevant experts also made a number of improvements.
 In about a hundred years ago on the use of chlorination method, still in use today, it has become a routine method of disinfection. But with the development of science and technology, it appears the result of some unfortunate water after chlorination was found! After water after chlorination will produce what substance? These substances can affect human health? How to get clean and safe drinking water?
 Therefore, the water vapor it contains many impurities, for 2520 will be etched stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe will find 2520 a period of time will rust.
 So generally we have on drinking water upwelling 2520 stainless steel tubes for routine maintenance 2520 stainless steel pipe rust guarantee its consistent surface finish, avoid the accumulation of corrosion, increase their service life.