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What are the characteristics of seamless stainless steel tube
DATE:2016-6-22 HITS:363
If the stainless steel tube in accordance with different production methods can be divided into two major categories of seamless and welded pipe. Seamless stainless steel tube has its own unique advantages, but also has a corresponding disadvantage, so to be selected according to the application.
 First, because the production process of seamless stainless steel pipe determines its accuracy is relatively low, the thickness of the wall is not easy to control, thus there will be uneven phenomenon. But also more prone to the inner wall surface of the heavier issues, such as clean enough, but off flatness and so on. In addition accuracy will be somewhat less, if it is among the field of high precision, may fail to meet requirements.
 Seamless stainless steel tube, but also has advantages of its own. Because it is directly molded, so it will better ensure mechanical strength for structural materials can have a very high reliability. And can withstand the internal pressure is greater, in which destructive testing, seamless stainless steel pipe the same size, will rupture at a higher pressure to bear after the pipes for high pressure and therefore is more reliable. In each industry, the choice of steel has accumulated a mature experience, it can be accumulated in the past by means of information should be suitably selected, but also with a variety of parameters to calculate the most appropriate specifications, seamless stainless steel tube play born with to advantage.